My name is Jake Rockland, I'm 19 years old, and this is a blog of my personal photography.

For the next seven weeks I will be traveling in Asia, both China and South Korea. If you would like to follow my story, check out my other blog at
The second image from my series project. This image is meant to represent the alternating harmonic series with the white objects being inverse images of the black starfish. 
The first image of a two part piece I made to create visual representations of mathematic series. This first image represents the harmonic series. 
Stoplight Silo
Luxor Abstract
Airplane Wing II
Airplane Wing
Brandon Summers Violin | Street Performer 
Brandon Summers Violin | Street Performer 
Brandon Summers Violin | Street Performer
Me and my bud Taylor did a sick shoot today to promote his artwork. Here is one of the pics from today with more to come later. I got a lot of sweet pictures that I’m stoked to finish editing and post, but you should check out his art and his tumblr at The piece that we were showing off in this shoot is here: and he will be selling prints if you message him about it. Check out his art, and I hope you check out the pics I will be posting.